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 Playing at the Utah Theatre
February 7-11, 2019

Noises Off is a hilarious farce telling the story of a menagerie of actors performing a flop called Nothing's On.  With doors slamming and backstage drama galore, Noises Off is a classic, comical play written by English playwright
Michael Frayn you won't want to miss!


​​ 2018 SEASON

 February 2018

​​​A comical British farce written by Oscar Wilde, performed at the Utah Theatre.  Directed by Jeffrey Olsen, starring Jared Rounds, Lindsey Kelstrom, Annika Daniels, Taylor Hague and Kathy Bateman. 

JUNE 2018

​​​A Carribbean take on the Little Mermaid, Once On This Island  performed at Skylor Pond of Willow Park.  Directed by Jared Rounds, starring Elizabeth Spencer as Ti Moune.

JULY 2018

​​​CTC's annual two week kids camp at Bridger Elementary school was performed by over 50 participants to tell this magical, chocolatey tale.  Directed by Whitney Metz.


​​​The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber was a tribute concert to celebrate the Grammy and Tony-winning composer performed at the Utah Theatre.  Directed by Jared Rounds


​​Camelot, performed at the Ellen Eccles Theatre was directed by Tanner Benson.  Starring Jared Rounds as King Arthur, Karlee Larsen as Guenevere, and Jeffrey Olsen as Sir Lancelot.

​​ 2017 SEASON

MARCH 2017

​​​A 1920s retelling of a Shakespeare classic ​The Taming of the Shrew  performed in the Carousel Ballroom of the Bullen Center.  
Directed by Jeffrey Olsen.  Starring
Hillary Peterson as Katherina and Cameron Cook as Petruchio.

JUNE 2017

One Musical to Rule Them All ​ was a comedic Musical Parody of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, performed at Skylor Pond of Willow Park, with original script and lyrics set to familiar Broadway tunes.
Written by Chris Metz, Jared Rounds and Lauren Sidwell.

JULY 2017

CTC's annual children's camp performed ​The Lion King Kids  with over 50 participating children ages 6-12 from the valley.  The two week camp ended with a final performance of the show that was rehearsed during the camp.
​Directed by Whitney Metz.


A musical retelling of ​The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde​ by Frank Wildhorn.  This was the first ever production of the musical in the Cache Valley.  Directed by Jared Rounds.
Starring ​ Jake Spjute as Jekyll/Hyde
​Hillary Peterson as Lucy Harris
​Kiah Spjute as Emma Carrow

2016 SEASON​​​

June 2016

Fairly Potter, a musical parody of the 7-series J.K. Rowling  novels.  was performed at Skylor Pond of Willow Park. 
​Directed by Lauren Sidwell
Daniel Francis as Harry
Ryan Leonhardt as Lord Voldemort

September 2016

Disney's The Little Mermaid​  was performed at the Ellen Eccles Theatre
with a cast of over 80 performers!
Directed by Jared Rounds.
Danielle Gardner as Ariel
​Chris Metz as Prince Eric

October 2016

Frankenstien​  was a 30 minute version of Mary Shelley's novel performed as part of Logan City's annual downtown Ghost Tours.  Production was written and directed
by Chris Metz.  
​Tanner Benson as Dr. Frankenstein
​Jared Gregerson as Frankenstein's monster