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​Thank you to all who auditioned for our upcoming production of 
​Jekyll & Hyde The Musical.
Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Edward Hyde - Jake Spjute
Emma Carew - Kiah Spjute
Lucy Harris - Hillary Peterson
John Utterson - Michael Francis
Sir Danvers Carew - Jeffrey Olsen
An Inmate - Jared Gregersen
Simon Stride - Jeremy Gross
Lady Beaconsfield - Kathy Bateman
The Bishop of Basingstoke - Cameron Cook
Lord Savage - Cameron Forbis
General Lord Glossip - Joe Wall
Sir Archibald Proops - Oliver Davis
An Orderly - Maxx Teuscher
Nellie - Amber Kacherian
Spider - Stirling Brenna
Poole - Andrew Isaacson
Bisset - Taylor Hague

Featured Dancers:

Kinsey Alder, Logan Caudle, Jared Gregersen, Isabel Isaac, Morgan Jenkins, Erin Pitcher, Helaman Pradera, Annalee Roberts, Maxx Teuscher

Stirling Brenna, Liesl Carlson, Brynn Francis, Taylor Hague, Andrew Isaacson, Amber Kacherian, 
Heather Leonhardt, Sadie Leonhardt, Kacie Matz, Kellianne Petith, Stacie Poulsen,
Erica Rasmussen, Emma Scott, Lauren Sidwell, Mason Syddall, Jenn Waterhouse
Ensemble Soloists:

Stirling Brenna, Amber Kacherian, Heather Leonhardt, Sadie Leonhardt, Helaman Pradera,
Lauren Sidwell, Mason Syddall, Maxx Teuscher, Jenn Waterhouse