​​Thank you to all who auditioned for our production ​of
The Importance of Being Earnest.​​

​​We were so pleased with the level of talent, and were disappointed that we have not been able to keep some amazing
people simply because of the constraints of the show itself.  Please know that much thought and careful consideration
went into ​the casting of this show.  That said, I am convinced that this is a supremely talented and capable cast
that should make for​ an exceptional production of the show.   -Jeffrey Olsen, Director

The Importance of Being Earnest Cast of Characters

​                                                                         Algy-  ​Taylor Hague
                                                                   Jack-  Jared Rounds
​                                                                   Lane- ​ Jacob Dayley
                                                                   Lady Bracknell- Kathy Bateman
​                                                                   ​Gwendolyn:  Lindsey Kelstrom
​                                                                   Miss Prism:  Caitlyn Jennings
​                                                                   Cecily:  Annika Daniels
                                                                   Merriman:​  Jonathan Dayley
​                                                                   ​Chasuble:​  Jackson Bylund
​                                                                   Moulton:  ​Charles Maxxwell Teuscher
                                                                   Maid:  Destiny Miller
​                                                                   Maid:  ​Elizabeth Spencer

              The Importance of Being Earnest ​ will be playing at the Utah Theatre February 8-12, 2018